CEMS divers on Asguard team

A team of Irish divers have brought to the surface items from the wrecked hull of the sail and training vessel the Asgard II.  Among the items returned on the expedition off the coast of France were the ships's wheel and bell. The dive team also took extensive video and stills of the ship, which sank two years ago in the Bay of Biscay.

A spokesman for the sail training organization Colaiste an Asguard said they were looking forward to the items being handed over to them by the divers and finding a new home for them, possibly in a museum.The divers had been acting in a private capacity, said the spokesman, and there had been no plans to retrieve any of the items from the boat.

The Government decided last year that it was too expensive to try and raise the boat, as it may have been beyond salvaging anyway.Plans to replace the Asguard with another training sailing boat have also been abandoned. The dive team included Cork's Timmy Carey as well as Stephane Portrnt who is orininally from Brittany but now resides in Cork.

Source: Evening Echo July 9th, 2010

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