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Winchester House, London Wall

Winchester House was a 23-storey reinforced concrete office block, surrounded by, and adjacent to numerous prestigious buildings.

Part of the main building was occupied by Midland Bank plc who were not to move until the middle of 1995. It was decided to proceed with the demolition, but to provide temporary services of air conditioning, gas, water, lighting and in particular, insulation and dust proofing.


Project Barclay’s

ContractThis ex-Barclaycard Headquarters Office Complexe was decommissioned and de-rated saving the Developer, Great Portland Estate, a considerable sum of money. A complex maze of office space surrounded by business premises added to the complexity of the project.

J & J completely decommissioned all electrical, plumbing and mechanical services. J & J also dismantled all partitioning, suspend ceilings and flooring.


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