CEMS has been appointed the sole distributorship for Ireland and UK fo the MAPPOWER equipment product range.


Cems signs deal with major chinese power plant providers and boiler manufacturing companies.


Cems agrees with Dalian University to form a joint research materials research and development at its Panjin campus.


Changli aquires CE compliance for its newly developed  light weight thermal efficent concrete products AND certfication for the use of all types of waste sludges in to a fuel  briquette / balls/ powder.


Cems ACQUIRES EUROPEAN DIVISION OF Zhengzhou changli manufacturing Co Ltd. This is a spechalist construction equipment and recycling equipment manufacturer.


CEMS Divers on Asguard Team July 2010.  A team of Irish divers have brought to the surface items from the wrecked hull of the sail and training vessel the Asgard II.  Among the items returned on the expedition off the coast of France were the ships's wheel and bell...


CEMS Diver, Paddy Agnew honoured with Long Service Medal Oct 2010.   Presented with his award by President Mary McAleese, Paddy was among almost 100 volunteers honoured who risk their lives searching Ireland's coastline and waterways for missing people.


€8 million announced for research infrastructure in Ringaskiddy, Co Cork, Ireland.  July 10.  MERC3 partners on the crest of a wave following the announcement by An Taoiseach Brian Cowen and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation Mr. Batt O Keeffe of €8 million for research infrastructure in Ringaskiddy



CEMS Principals


CEMS DirectorJohn Cronin,
Managing Director, CEMS.

John Cronin is the main visionary behind CEMS. He has over 30 years expierience in the construction, marine and waste sectors. He has worked on some of the most prestigious demolition, construction and conservation projects in Ireland and the UK. Examples incluce; City Point, London, Barcley Card HQ and Buckingham Palace.

CEMS DirectorCharlie Cronin,
Company Secretary, CEMS.

Background in Microwave Radio and Multiplex Systems ñ installed and commissioned 7.5GHz Radio system for major utility in Ireland 1995-1999.Installed and commissioned Polling Radio and SCADA systems for electrical distribution network in Ireland 2000-2008.Managed team charged with SCADA and Energy Metering installation/commissioning for electrical transmission network in Ireland 2008-2010.Designed logistics and timing system for Athletics organisation 2005.Designed Mobile unit for field Sports administration 2007.Has a keen interest in Green Energy and Sustainability.

Madame Teng - CEMS PrincipalMadame Teng


She is one of the founding members of CEMS Dalian heavy industry co., Ltd.

She was a senior director of Dalian ship building facilities for over 25 years responsible for raw materials procurement as well as environmental and health and safety compliance through the facilities.  She is also president and major shareholder in one of Chinas top ten paint manufactures for the shipping industry. She was also the presiding member of the national people’s congress for the Liaoning province.  She is now president of all CEMS operation and facilities in the China Asia region. 

Donal O’Laoire BA [Mod] MSc.,
Non Executive Director


With a professional career background in the Irish Defence Forces, Donal O’Laoire has practiced as an independent consultant in Ireland, EU, Eastern Europe, North Africa and Asia for almost 20 years. A graduate and post-graduate of Trinity College Dublin he has consulted in the fields of Environmental Management, Environmental Economics, Waste Contamination, Technology and Economic Development. Working with agencies of the United Nations, Donal has designed and project managed several large-scale environmental projects including land decontamination and remediation in several countries. Since 2004 his international consulting has concentrated in supporting the Ministry of Environmental Protection the Peoples Republic of China of PR in developing and designing strategies to manage dioxin pollution of land, water and soil resources. 

Valarie King-Bailey,  
Non Executive Director


Valarie King‐Bailey is a seasoned civil and environmental engineer with a diverse career history in engineering, marketing, and information technology. Valarie has extensive international experience and has received numerous awards and honors for outstanding business leadership and technical excellence throughout her tenure as an accomplished engineering and business executive.

Christina Li - CEMS PrincipalChristina li
Vice President Information Officer 


Miss li joins CEMS as vice president information officer attached to Madame Teng in China and for MR john Cronin CEO for all European, Americas and African facilities. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business and economics from Dalian university. She joins CEMS with vast experience from having worked with other very well-known international companies.

Zhijie Ren - CEMS PrincipalMr. Zhijie Ren


Mr. Zhijie Ren is a highly qualified marine engineer, with a degree from Wuhan Techinical University. He has worked extensively in the marine and chemical Industry for some very well-known worldwide companies like CSIC, Akzo Nobel.

Daniel Harkin - CEMS PrincipalDaniel Harkin
Non-Executive Director for CEMS 


Originally from Northern Ireland, Daniel has over 35 years’ of global experience within the Oil and Gas Industry. As a Commercial Diver, he has worked for major players such as Shell, BP and Chevron throughout his career. Daniel currently works in the North Sea as a Dive Superintendent, managing a large team of commercial divers. Daniel joins the board of CEMS as a Non-Executive Director with oversight of all off-shore decontamination, decommissioning and removal projects world-wide. 

Patrick Agnew - CEMS PrincipalPatrick Agnew
Non-Executive Director


Patrick Agnewhas been in the commercial diving industry for over thirty years, successfully managing two commercial diving companies. He has worked with government departments in the marine industry particularly in civil construction of the national water supply in Ireland.  He has been involved in a number of high profile salvage operations and has a vast experience in the sector. Paddy also has thirty years experience in the fire service with twenty years in a management capacity directing operations and enforcing fire prevention regulations and health & safety. He has combined his knowledge from the fire service and commercial diving in advising government agencies under the Voluntary Emergency Services group. 

Patrick joins the board of CEMS as a Non-Executive Director. 

Jack O'Connor - CEMS PricipalJack O'Connor
European Head of Research on Waste to Energy


Mr. Jack O’Connor is a veteran of the agricultural and industrial waste sectors in Ireland and Europe. He has pioneered the development of the BHSL on farm fluidised bed technology for the recovery of energy from residues such as poultry manure. He has over thirty years’ experience in the sector and has worked closely with the European and national governments in the introduction of new regulatory guidelines that promote the value extraction from waste streams. Mr. O’Connor joins the board of CEMSWORLDWIDE as a non-executive director.

Dr Huang - CEMS PricnipalDr. Huang
Head of R&D and Director of CEMS Centre of Excellence


Dr. Huang holds his PhD in Geoinformatics from University College Cork, Ireland. Since graduation he has worked  in Shanghai as the Chief Representative of the university. He is in charge of all the significant collaborative projects between University College Cork and strategic partners, research institues as well as enterprises in China.

Dr. Huang joins CEMS as the Head of R&D and Director of CEMS Centre of Excellence based in CEMS Dalian in conjunction with University College Cork and Dalian University of Technology. The CEMS Centre of Excellence hosts all types of ship recycling-related research and technological innovation, trainning and educational activities of the company.

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